When it comes to commercial insurance, one size does not fit all.

Whether it is for a one-person shop or a large corporation, business insurance can be tricky to navigate. Because each business is different, there is not a one-size-fits-all insurance policy. The right coverage for your company is unique and deserves a solution appropriate to the specific risks you face. For example, an ice cream shop has very different insurance needs than an auto repair store or a golf course.


Possessing accurate coverage is crucial in reducing out-of-pocket expenses and decreasing the adverse impact of claims against your company. The right commercial insurance policy often consists of one or more types of coverage designed to protect your business from financial losses resulting from accidents, theft, property damages, professional errors, workers compensation claims, legal claims, and other circumstances.

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Protecting your company, so you can get back to work.

Whether you are seeking additional protection for your business or are required to obtain coverage by a client, our dedicated team can expertly craft a customized commercial insurance policy for your business. From basic coverage to specialized protection, we propose solutions and packages suited to your unique business operations and budgets.


To learn more about these offerings and other business insurance services; call Viera Insurance Agency, and we will ensure you remain covered.

What type of coverage is right for you?

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No matter how cautious business owners are, accidents are possible. A customer may inadvertently get injured in a company’s store, or an employee may unintentionally damage customer property while working on-site. Therefore, most small businesses need a broad commercial insurance policy that helps cover the costs of general liability exposures to a third party such as physical injury, advertising mistakes, property damage, completed operations, and lawsuit costs.

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It is possible your insurance needs will expand beyond general liability, commercial property, and commercial auto coverage as your business grows. Specific professions may require other insurance coverages depending on services offered or entered contracts. Also, ask about a business owners policy that combines general liability and commercial property coverage into a single policy.

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Most businesses own a large quantity of physical property. Commercial property insurance provides a wide range of coverage for buildings, computers, inventory, equipment, tools and more. It can help cover costs and reduce the risk of loss if these assets are damaged or destroyed by an event such as fire, break-in, vandalism, wind, and other natural or human-made disasters. A basic policy may be all you require, although the types of coverage can differ between various insurance companies.

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This liability protection covers negligence's, mistakes, errors or omissions that injure clients or cause damage to a third party’s data. This type of insurance is particularly important to licensed professionals who offer a service or advice such as accountants, architects, attorneys, engineers, IT consultants, and personal trainers.

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You may need commercial auto coverage if a vehicle is used to travel between job sites, make deliveries, or transport tools and supplies. It covers a combination of drivers, vehicles, trailers and motorized equipment and provides bodily injury liability and physical damage protection for your business. From pizza delivery to large commercial fleets, there is an insurance package to fit your business needs. Also, ask about hired/non-owned auto liability and privately-owned vehicle usage for business purposes.

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If a business owner must halt operations or is forced to shut down due to a covered loss such as fire or theft, business income insurance can help reimburse or replace lost profits, fixed expenses, payroll, and rent. Additionally, it may include financial losses that transpire if civil authorities restrict customer access to your business after a disaster.


In the event an employee suffers from a workplace injury or illness, a workers’ compensation policy pays for the associated medical costs, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages. Other coverage solutions include innovative payment systems, medical disability case managers, utilization management nurses, certified life care planning nurses, vocational rehabilitation consultants, physician consulting services, legal staff, and managed prescription drug program. Most states require this coverage if your business has employees.


If umbrella policies are beneficial for individuals, then they are imperative for businesses. The time and effort taken to build your business are too important for it to disappear after an unforeseen event or mounting costs of a lawsuit. When a catastrophic liability loss happens, an umbrella insurance policy can determine the difference between a business surviving or not. A commercial umbrella policy can broaden your coverage and protect your assets when those losses exceed a basic liability policy. 

Business Owners Policy

Depending on the industry, you can customize coverage to help address unique risks. Other significant considerations include locations, properties, vehicles, employees, years in business, and gross annual revenue.


Most businesses require commercial property insurance, general liability and business income coverage to help protect their property, income, and financial assets. For small companies, a business owner's policy can combine all three coverages into one convenient package. These policies are often created for businesses facing the same risks. Bigger companies might purchase a commercial package policy or customize the coverage to satisfy the risks.

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Our carriers feature the convenience of 24-hour claims service, electronic payments, and access to online policy documents. If you can live in it, we can insure it. 


Are you worried you are not completely covered? Consider a personal umbrella insurance policy that extends your coverage and gets liability protection beyond your current home and auto policy limits.