Where We Insure

Viera Insurance Agency is dedicated to helping clients from all over the United States. If you are from one of these states and would like to learn more about what you may need covered, click on a state's abbreviation or if you're on mobile, scroll down.


Whether your dream home is in the state capital of Montgomery or along the gulf coast, owning property in Alabama means you need a comprehensive policy to protect against multiple weather-related perils. In the summer months the state faces the threat of hurricanes, but throughout the year there is a risk of tornadoes. In fact, the average number of tornadoes that Alabama experiences annually doubled between 2000 and 2019. In addition to wind-related events, Alabama is also home to 17 major river systems which increases the flooding risk to its residents. We offer secure coverage to protect your investments in the event of a devastating loss. 


The home of Hollywood, Los Angeles, and San Francisco is also a state that is impacted by multiple perils. From earthquakes to wildfires and flooding, California experiences a plethora of weather events. In addition to its 800 mile coastline, California is also home to more than 7.000 mountains, most notably is the Sierra Nevada. This mountainous region can experience dangerous blizzards and is prone to winter flooding. Droughts are one of the most common occurrences in California, with 2021 going on record as the state’s driest year in history. During the long periods without rainfall the land is at risk of devastating wildfires, followed by an increased risk of flash floods. From Redding to San Diego, It’s important for property owners in the golden state to have insurance coverage customized to meet their unique, location-based needs.


Our office resides on the Space Coast in Melbourne, FL. We have been providing coverage to property owners in Central Florida and beyond for over a decade. Florida faces multiple climate threats including hurricanes, flooding, and sea-level rise. Over the past few years the home insurance market in Florida has been struggling, with many carriers shutting down completely. The thinning of the home insurance market has been the most impactful to residents in and surrounding the areas of Orlando and Miami. As rates continue to increase for all property owners from Tampa to Jacksonville and beyond, we have multiple markets available to help our clients protect their most valuable assets.


The landscape of Georgia is lush and beautiful with scenery that ranges from the flat swampland and gently rolling hills of the coastal plains in the south to the hills and valleys of the centrally located Piedmont Plateau and the mountainous terrain of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the north. Like many southern, coastal states, Georgia has experienced its share of floods. In fact, it isn’t uncommon for communities in the state to suffer some level of flooding whenever it rains. According to a report released in 2000 by Georgia’s Emergency Management Agency, almost three-quarters of disaster-related losses since 1990 have been due to floods. Being a coastal state, Georgia is also at risk of hurricane and resulting storm surge damage. 


From New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Louisiana is full of history, culture, and excitement. This gulf coast state has had its share of major hurricanes and flooding events. Most notably was Hurricane Katrina in 2005 which destroyed major levee systems and caused catastrophic devastation. It was also following this storm that the home insurance market in Louisiana began to thin and premiums increased. More than 15 years later, insurers are still struggling to stay afloat in the Bayou state. In addition to severe storms and flooding, Louisiana also has begun experiencing an increase in tornadoes and is slowly becoming part of the infamous tornado alley. Our goal is to help home and business owners in all parishes find the best coverage to fit your needs and protect your assets from a major loss. 


Much like the other states we cover, Maryland residents also have a unique set of insurance needs. As a small state along the eastern seaboard, Maryland is no stranger to extreme weather. The threat of severe storms plagues the state throughout the year, which can lead to severe flooding and wind damage. Major rivers also lie within the state, such as the Potomac which often reach flood stage and can lead to devastating flash floods. Maryland is unique in that it also contains over 60 mountain ranges, including parts of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge. Due to its various terrains, having comprehensive and reliable insurance protection is essential to property owners from Baltimore to Annapolis. 

North Carolina

Whether you live in coastal North Carolina along the Cape Fear River or up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, make sure that you are protected with reliable insurance coverage. Sharing its eastern border with the Atlantic Ocean puts residents of the state at risk of the devastating effects from hurricanes during the summer months. As home to over 40,000 miles of rivers there is also a major risk of flooding throughout the year. Our goal is to make sure residents from Charlotte to Wilmington feel secure in their insurance.

South Carolina

From the beautiful, coastal areas of Charleston and Hilton Head to the capital city of Columbia, South Carolina is full of southern charm and history. However, this state also experiences major weather events that can put your dream home at risk. It is important to have insurance coverage that protects your most important assets from all perils that risk the Palmetto state, such as flooding and hurricanes. We can protect your home, business, and auto with reliable coverage that you can count on.


The home of country music, Tennessee has become a popular location to put down roots. Whether you are building a life in the happening capital of Nashville or settling down in the Great Smoky Mountains, make sure your dream is protected with reliable insurance coverage. Although Tennessee is landlocked, it is still not safe from major weather events. Home to many bodies of water including parts of the Mississippi River, there is an increased risk of flooding to residents of the Volunteer state. Tornadoes are also a common event, especially in central and western areas of the state. In fact, overnight tornado strikes are more common in Tennessee than any other state in America. Protect your livelihood with our top-rated coverage options.


Texas has its fair share of weather risks; with hurricanes, wildfires, snow storms, and heavy flooding plaguing the state within the past few years. Most notably, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Houston and caused major devastation. In February 2021 a major snowstorm caused severe damage and led to regional power outages. Immediately following the winter event, temperatures began to increase and led to winter flooding. Residents throughout the state have been reminded recently of the wide variety of weather perils they may face. We offer coverage to protect property owners of the Lone Star State against unexpected losses to their personal property or businesses. 


Offering coastal life in Virginia Beach, mountain scenery in areas like Roanoke or city life in Richmond and the DC metro area, Virginia is a wonderful place to build a life. However, different regions of the state each require unique protection. We offer property insurance to cover you against the threat of hurricanes, winter storms, and tornadoes. With a long Atlantic coastline, flooding is also a major risk for residents of Virginia. We have access to multiple flood markets that can provide affordable and comprehensive coverage for possible flood loss.